Any business, large or small, can benefit from local internet marketing. But if there is one type of company that needs it the most, it is the service industry. These are companies who do their business not through walk-ins, but through appointments. These include many businesses such as dentists, chiropractors, lawyers and realtors.

A local internet marketing campaign is better than a phone book ad for several different reasons. With a phone book ad local marketers are limited in the information that you can give prospective customers. Even if a full page ad is paid for, only so much information will fit within that space. And much of that space is often taken up with logos or photographs. These might be eye-catching and will help secure phone calls, but they do not help build a relationship between the customer and the business. Space is not an issue online, so a company is able to include vital information, photographs, maps and build a relationship with the client before a phone call is made.

More and more individuals are doing searches online when they are looking for a new business rather than flipping through the phone book. While this does not mean that a company should ignore telephone book advertising completely, it does highlight the importance of developing a web presence. It will allow the company to advertise to more of the market, including the young and affluent that are more likely to search online.

Local marketing allows a relationship to be developed between the service provider and the client before the client even calls to make an appointment. By publishing articles on the webpage that give advice, the company becomes a trusted resource. A realtor may write about the local area which helps people who are relocating, or include a mortgage calculator that many potential home buyers would find useful. A lawyer might explain the state’s DUI laws and why a lawyer is necessary in these cases.

Specials can be offered and changed frequently on the internet. This saves businesses money because they don’t need to worry about printing costs or distribution costs. These coupons and special offers are targeted to the people who are looking for them. A coupon for a free consultation is one thing that can be offered. Tracking results from online ad campaigns is efficient and simple, especially with help from knowledgeable search engine optimization professionals that manage accounts and provide monthly reports.

Businesses in the service industry can survive without local internet marketing, but it is important that they learn to adapt to new technology and ways to advertise. If they do not, they are missing out on building relationships with prospective customers.