Hospitality Service Industries Are Going the Geek Way

Companies in the hospitality business are under constant pressure to service their clients without any complaints and this nature of the business has given rise to the necessity of catching up with the enterprise mobility technology. With these days all the businesses embracing mobile solutions at the enterprise level, hospitality industry too has a lot of scope to grow with mobile enterprise.

Efforts put in standing upto guest satisfaction without proper technology upgrade is not even remotely tangential with the hospitality business. The major area where the hospitality centers fail to impress is during the maintenance of the equipment and scheduling of the servicing times of the clients. It is under these circumstances that MEAP or Mobile Enterprise Application Platform will be the best service operation that will ensure effective efforts in keeping the guests elated.

Accepting MEAP for hospitality will aim at improving operational activities without any glitches in the routine of the health clubs. Smooth functioning of these institutions is also influenced by the coordination standards between the management and the staff that is responsible for executing various tasks within the hospitality lounge. The MEAP suite will be able to give the mobile professionals the chance to write apps that effectively targets employees of the spa or the associates that covers a high intensity of the users.

The proliferation of the types of the devices is very large and sure is expected to rise in the every year to come and with MEAP, the hospitality center owners can have worry free head as MEAP solutions cater to the varied mobile OS like Android, iPhone, Window Phone 7 and Blackberry.

Key Efficacies of the MEAP services

Transparency and Real-time approach: Any business is smooth running when the strategic model is well understood and known to the workforce. Spa or health club workforces will be aware of the prior appointments of the clients, maintenance staff duty and the intensity of the clients during the holidays seasons etc. This kind of information can we streamlined to allocate the work to the employees without any confusions relating to schedules mix-ups or room occupancy.

Intelligent Workflows: With connectivity comes the effective workflow model. And MEAP suite just enhances connectivity with apps that are compatible on all leading mobile platforms. The managers are alerted on the mobile devices in case of any appointment cancellations or re-schedules.

Flexile Integration: MEAP offers instant mobile messaging environment that catches up with real time communication and action plan.

Effective Collaboration: The enterprise data sources like the ERP, CRM, and Web-content are integrated with no hitches.

Benefits of MEAP on the Hospitality Industry:

  1. Any paper documentation and recording is the most complicated and time consuming process in any industry. The MEAP introduces the digital paperless recording of the ongoing activities and enables radio communications.
  2. Real time accessing and updating of work orders and service requesting too are recorded digitally on the wireless devices which can be viewed by the authorized personnel of the health club.
  3. With the capability to handle automatic escalations and alerts for no response, the delay time is almost nil enabling effective work flow of the organization.