Safe Nutrition Principles in Food Service Industry

Nutritionists and dietitians constantly send out alarming signals about the risks we assume when eating over processed food. Irrespective of health concerns, many cannot stop eating unhealthy food products. The threat is everywhere in supermarkets, fast-food lines, and even restaurants. No one in the business pays attention to this menace, ever since manufacturers have found the magic formula to raise profit. Moreover, the secret lies in tasty recipes based on an endless list of artificial ingredients that make food taste delicious, but, in the mean time, jeopardize our health, all this happening because food manufacturers have been gradually giving up safety and health principles.

Thus, over the years, this tendency has turned into a real threat, whose side effects are really hard to fight against. Ignoring many ethics-based principles in food service work, unfortunately, nowadays, we find it really difficult to combat obesity. Moreover, infant obesity is definitely one of the major national concerns, yet, we are still helpless when it comes to initiating major changes and directing eating habits towards a safer area. This national inability has so many causes, yet food additives abuse is one of the major factors. Implicitly, food manufacturers carry the guilt for having provoked the disaster, as the side effects did not emerge immediately afterwards. Even though food experts were very much aware of their impact on health, they still kept it a secret.

The same approach was obvious for all who performed various food industry jobs. Initially, this menace was taboo, yet when we all came to realize its dangers, no one was afraid to speak out. Nonetheless, this reaction was somehow late, considering that consequences had been registered on several plans. Besides high obesity risks, food additives, toxins and all chemical ingredients, used to make food products last longer and excessively tasty, are believed to considerably increase the risks of suffering from colon cancer and stomach cancer. And the dangers do not stop here.

Recent laboratory tests provide relevant evidence that many food additives might cause addiction, meaning that, you will no longer be able to control your eating habits and food consumption. The best example in this sense is definitely monosodium glutamate, also responsible for the Umani phenomenon. Even though this element has a natural origin, these days, food processing make use of synthetic MNSG. Actually, this chemical component can add savor even tough the food does not contain any natural flavor. So, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the way food is processed and mainly to all ingredients the food products contain.