Service Industry Woes Will Affect Teenagers Seeking Jobs

Teenagers are going to have a difficult time in the coming year finding jobs for many reasons. As teens have little to no job experience, they will either be the first to get laid off or never hired. Teens are usually in the bracket of minimum wage earners and employers will have to cut more of that group first.

The service industry is where many teens get their first employment opportunities and that area is being hit just as hard or harder as any other sector. People are cutting back in all areas of their spending and especially so in areas such as eating out and entertainment. With fewer people willing to spend money, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and other such service industry businesses are being hit hard. People are choosing and will continue to choose to stay in instead of go out for that evening on the town.

Other areas where teenagers traditionally get jobs are in a similar situation. Babysitting jobs will be fewer and more people will choose to mow their own lawns just because they don’t have the money they once did to have the teens in the neighborhood do it. Everybody will be holding back and unfortunately teens are going to find it rough going in the job finding departments.

If there was ever a time to get creative to find ways to make money and find a job it is now. It seems that those who work the hardest to get that job will have the upper hand. No one is going have a job handed to them as the demand for jobs is too high. Teens who are willing to do something extra and/or work a little harder than the next guy will be first in line to get hired. Those that are lazy in nature will be the losers and that may be one of the first life lessons they get.