Understanding the Sales Relationship in the Service Industry

Our job as a salesperson is to find problems that a customer has that is both profitable for you and the customer. Solving this problem creates a win-win. Your job, as a salesperson, is to demonstrate clearly that the value of the solution by your product or service is worth more than the price that you are asking for. In other words, the benefits, results, and satisfaction that will come from purchasing that particular service will outweigh the price.

Almost every failure in selling is because you have been unable to demonstrate that what you are selling is worth more in benefits results and satisfaction than you are asking in money value. The reason for this could be as simple as the salesperson describing the features and technical details of the product or service, instead of showing how the customer will benefit from purchasing this particular service. This small difference can be huge in terms of winning business. The customer does not care about the features, they want to understand what it will do for them.

Another thing to think about is that the sale is not over once the client has decided to purchase the service. The conclusion of the sale is actually the beginning of the sale in the customers mind. When the customer buys from you, the customer goes from being independent to being dependent on you, your company and your services. The customer has handed over a check to your company on the promise that the services discussed will be completed and meet their expectations.

Building A Strong Relationship

No company can survive on one-off sales. And no company should take any sale for granted. The first sale will always cost the most up front. Continuing to offer solutions to that customer that solves more of their problems will allow them to keep coming back to you and your company. Asking for referrals will allow for easier selling as the prospects will be more interested in your product or service. There are always new problems that need solving. Being able to demonstrate how your company can provide those solutions is the key.